Dating postcards by stamps

Published: 31.03.2017

Prior to this date - pre-printed plain cards were in use which are commonly referred to as 'Postal Stationery' The size of cards varied throughout this period. OLD REAL PHOTO POSTCARD SNOWMAN TUCK'S.

Dating Old Antique Postcards document. Toshach Susan Toomey Frost Skip Peters Robert Whelan Bob Gurske John David Phillips, Sr Jim Whipple Derek Gee John F.

WWI Era RPPC Real Photo Postcard European Soldier Image.

Best when creating a list of items ex: RPPC Horse-drawn TIMBER LUMBER Huge Logs Real Photo CYKO Stampbox Postcard Image. Vintage s Real Photo Postcard English Girl with Cloth Doll Image. This will allow your postal carrier to leave your expedited packaging supply order if you are not available to receive the delivery.

Real Photo Postcard RPPC- Men Shooting Guns Rifles. Greg Breeding was the art director. How to Buy a Mattress. Also looking for stamp boxes not listed here, both U.

Postcards and stamps

The other side could be a complete picture or photograph. Dating Old Antique Postcards. During this period, cards were printed with a border around the picture, to save ink. Over cents Stamps and postage for international mail, packages and large envelopes.

Coastal Birds Postcard Stamp{/CAPCASE}

Boyden Bryan Jackson Jay Sandeen Andreas Brown Tom Kelly Steven Schainost Peggy Brown Buzz Kinninmont David Shedlock Jill Bullock Joey Know Rosie Shores Robert Carowitz Blaze A. Starting on March 1, postcards could be printed with a vertical line on the back, with the area to the right of the line for the address, and the area to the left for a message. Feeding on everything from crustaceans and mollusks to insects and fish, coastal birds can be spotted along beaches, rocky coastlines, and mudflats, as well as in lagoons, wetlands, and other saltwater and freshwater habitats. Best when creating a list of items ex: Antique play stage people RPPC real photo Postcard actress Image.

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    You May Also Like. Early Postcards The use of 'Picture Postcards' was first sanctioned by the British Postal Authorities on 1st September

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