How do you hook up a vcr

Published: 12.06.2017

It will be a channel on the ATV analogue TV. Support Geoff's work on this website by buying through these affiliate links.

You are correct in that will need an adapter if your TV does not have any of the colored analgue inputs mentioned above. What should I do?

However, his co-worker did.

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Hi Geoff, I have to decide whether to get my old inch tube Toshiba repaired love that TV for a pincushioning problem or spring for a new LED. Hope this helps Geoff. On the back of the home theatre unit you have inputs for all these devices. Check your TV's inputs.

Now select AUX on the Amp and the sound from the TV should come through the speakers. Buy any cables that you don't have. Make sure that you have AV cables. In order to avoid this, do not place any permanent wires in a place where they may be damaged, and don't wrap them up too tight. The options that you have for connecting your items to your TV will determine the type of connection that you use: But as you can see in this picture, they say you can use the green socket instead.

How To Connect Your VCR

Samantha masters student I think that you need to add another G to your title so that it reads 'Geoff the Grey Geek Genius' I'm over the moon so I how remind you that I am a woman of my word and will send off a donation. Plug the white cable you the white port on the back of the VCR, plug the red cable into hook red port, and plug the yellow cable into the yellow port. If you're using all digital connections and have a digital TV that has a digital vcr output, then run both the DVD and the tuner to the TV. This varies with each VCR. Hello Geoff, Thank you so much for your helpful advice.


Hi Chatz, It seems the TV thinks you are feeding a Component signal into the green, red and blue socket rather than just a composite signal in the green only. Audio out left and right of the DVD to audio in of the TV. Hi again, I keep getting a no signal message on my TV when I press av to record a program from the TV. How to Hook Up a VCR to a Samsung TV.

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  1. Nikita_Lapushev - 14.06.2017 in 08:42

    An S-Video cable, which delivers a slightly sharper picture than composite video does.

    Miroslav_Koplend - 24.06.2017 in 13:07

    Once you have found the line out sockets, it is a simple matter of connecting the yellow, red and white plugs of the connecting cable to the corresponding yellow, red and white line out sockets of the VCR.

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