Muslim dating an atheist

Published: 22.03.2017

Trust the Lord not only with the moving out of this relationship but with what He has for you in the future. Thanks for sharing your story.

He loves you far more than you can imagine.

What about the child? Already have an account? There are many factors that make for a happy and fulfilled marriage that are far more important than religious belief.

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Let him feel comfortable whenever he is with you. Try to convert for yourself.. Good luck with the kids thing. I am so thankful he is so good to do the things we are so incapable of doing. But just understand it and think about it. I hope one day he will be. Religions are just trademarking for customer fools like some people i saw here..

I guess the best I can advise you to do is to break up or just hang on and see if you hit a cataclysmic break up or if you beat all odds and stay together, with him leaving his religion for you, or you somehow becoming a Muslim, actually believing in it. Here is another fantastic article that explains why God allows evil to occur: Talk to him about your concerns. There are many factors that make for a happy and fulfilled marriage that are far more important than religious belief. Also, the following comments do not necessarily reflect the views of Revive Our Hearts. Lastly, don't fake convert unless it really and truly is just a formality.

9 Problems in Atheist / Religious Relationships

I miss him when he goes to work, I never been so happy then the day I knew I loved him led to many more happy days. Use the Meetup muslim when you make a post Cherry Pick Your Content: It is important to remember that God will never lead us to do something that He specifically tells dating in atheist Bible not to do.

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God made the rules, right? He told his family about his atheism only two years ago. Raised a Christian but intelligent and analytical to a fault, he has chosen for now to side with science and be an agnostic. Everyone is welcome but if you're here because of your hate for Muslims as a people then this isn't the subreddit for you. As you focus on Scripture, prayer and service to others, you can be assured He will use every situation in your life to prepare you for what only He knows is ahead for you.

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