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Published: 25.03.2017

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Watch Si don a colorful feather boa and give Martin is best dating tips, which include the silliest pick up lines y'all have ever heard. Do Not Change This: This is the GLOBAL XRS HOME and is sold as the ultimate 6x6 top-class luxury offroad motor home.

Hilarious Uncle Si Commercial Shoot Outtakes for Flextone Black Rack.

I think if a zombie apocalypse did happen I would take my family and the people from duck dynasty and build a fort in ASDA because they have everything u would need in there.

But he was nervous, so the Robertsons stepped in to help him make the date as successful as possible. Perhaps it was for the best when Martin told them the day after the date that he took absolutely none of their advice. Find the perfect thing for your girl gang or your sports-averse dad. Share your thoughts below.

In a confessional later, Si dropped great suggestions of lines that women love, like "Can I have directions Y'all have to check this out. Si puts together this "grand" dating scenario to teach Martin how to act on his date. Tv Canada Duck Dynasty Si Duck Dynasty Reality Tv Duck Dynasty Si Advice.

Duck Dynasty: Si's Storytelling Skills

ABOUT US ADVERTISE About Our Ads Contact Us RSS FAQ Careers Hook up undergravel filter User Agreement Privacy Policy Comment Policy. Sections of this page. Simmons and Kyle Bornheimer, "Family Tools" centers on a guy dating returns home to take over his dad's hardware business when he finds himself jobless. Uncle Advice Advice For Impressing Women Proves A Little Uncle Much For Martin VIDEO. Y'all have to check this out. Go to mobile site.

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And that was good enough, as he scored himself a second date. Martin , Si Robertson. The wives gave him a mini-makeover, and Uncle Si gave him a crash-course in etiquette. Home Photos Videos Privacy Policy Contact. Now, who thought Si was the right man for this job? Simmons and Kyle Bornheimer, "Family Tools" centers on a guy who returns home to take over his dad's hardware business when he finds himself jobless. Sign up to get updated on our latest coverage of race and hate. He can only hope his second date goes as well as the season premiere of "Duck Dynasty" last week.

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    The Robertson family discuss the differences of the Robertson generations.

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