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Published: 27.03.2017

So why to waste yourself in formalities, life is vast and abundant beyond all such. Sci-fi-gnosiS is a 39 year old, spiritual male. I am a very spiritual and conscious person who enjoys yoga, meditation, crystals, aromatherapy, researching, studying phillosophy, and reading.

Im from toronto, Im a full contact jouster. I'm a free thinker, a healer, a masseuse, a dreamer, a writer, a muse, a wanderer. I like to keep up with the world around me and think it would be nice to meet someone who does too.

Veganism is like love — if you let it, it takes over your thoughts, changes your perspective, your values, your ways of living, your goals in life. Over time, much of my joy comes from seeing other people succeed. I believe that two people can enjoy life much more than one.

I am a retired 38 year old vegan Seventh Day Adventist. Lana is a 33 year old, Christian female. I wrote and published a book called The Phoenix Conspiracy which is a spiritual thriller,.

I read a lot. Currently I am following Kriya yoga. Been vegan for 4 years now abouts. I've been a vegetarian my whole life and a vegan on and off for four years. I juice veggies, greens and sprouts every day. Overall, I strive to live life based on four words - passion, intensity, integrity, legacy.

Vegan Festival Pickup Adventure

D, dating, entrepreneur, and musician. My idea of a good time, is going toronto sit in the forest for the afternoon, or finding vegan little slice of shoreline to listen to the waves. Initially I'm shy at first, but once I get comfortable around you, I open up like site book.

Vegan Dating Website for Veggie Singles{/CAPCASE}

The organization exists to find cost effective and self sufficient solutions to helping people in the world on a humanitarian needs level. While I like many different activities I have no need to be constantly active. It is how we deal with the baggage that is important. I've been a vegetarian mostly vegan now for just over a year, but don't ever plan on going back. Just looking around for now

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    I have been involved with animal rescue.

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